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Advantages to the digital imprint methods would be that you can have one color or a rainbow of colors and it doesn't affect the price. All colors depends solely on your request or designer's choice... but there are no limits.

Choosing a cotton garment, dark colors or large quantities may mean that silk screening would be the better option for you. We do that too!

What's the difference?

Digital Imprints
Digital Imprinting is a professional transfer media system. In layman's terms? The inks "transfer" into the fabric via a professional transfer paper.

Pro Points:

  • You can have just one - or bulk pricing is available.
  • If you place a bulk order... we honor that rate when you return to order just one or two more.
  • You can have a "rainbow" of colors and it makes no pricing difference
  • Photographic quality is awesome.
Con Points:
  • Digital Imprints only show up on light colored shirts.
  • White is not an option for printing, so anything that appears white in your proof, will actually be the color of the shirt when you get the finished product.
  • They may only be printed on blend fabrics. Polyester is necessary to retain the color bonding to the fabric. Polyester does not deteriorate. Cotton itself deteriorates - and will let the color wash "with" it. (Like jeans). At least 50% polyester is required for the best finished product.
Silk Screen Printing
Silk Screen Imprinting is done with screens and inks. In layman's terms? The "paint" "sits" on TOP of the fabric.

Pro Points:
  • You can print onto dark colored and/or cotton apparel.
  • Large quantities are more cost effective per shirt than digital imprinting.
  • True "neon day glow" colors are a printing option.
Con Points:
  • Small quantities are not an option. Minimum order? 36 pieces. 48 is a more affordable starting point.
  • Ordering just one, or less than the minimum isn't an option. Re-orders start all over.
  • Colors? Prices are quoted per number of colors and number of print locations.


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